Our daughter is 5½ years old and has been learning piano for 2 years now with Justin. Neither of us have ever played an instrument and one of our goals as parents was to enrich our daughter with the ability to play music. Her progress has been amazing and has brought music into our household in a way that we never thought imaginable. Along with the music comes focus, hard work, and dedication each night as she practices. We are very thankful to Justin for all of this.


~Richard & Jessica Coleman, parents of Simone

I started singing lessons with Catriona in year 10. From the beginning of my lessons, to the day of my music performance exam, I felt supported and nurtured. She was consistently patient and understanding, as well as enthusiastic for me to strive to do my best. I could really tell she wanted me to improve, and that gave me even more motivation to work hard, especially during year 12. 

Leading up to my VCE music performance exam, Catriona spent more time with me, refining my pieces and doing mock run-throughs of how it would go in the actual exam. On the day, I felt completely ready for it (although, naturally still a little nervous). I could tell Catriona was really cheering for me and, again, drove me to strive to do my best in the exam. Without the support of Catriona throughout VCE I doubt I would have received a performance score of A+ with an ATAR for Classical Voice Music Performance of above 40. 

I highly recommend Catriona’s singing lessons and VCE prep, not only due to the array of skills that I learnt, but also because she is a kind, caring and wonderful person!

~Laura Telford.

“My daughter’s flute playing was remarkably improved from the very first lesson with Issie. The thoughtful, creative and engaging approaches Issie took during the course of the lessons ensured improvement and enjoyment week after week. Issie built a delightful rapport with my shy 9 year old and I would absolutely recommend Issie for anyone wanting to start, develop or improve their playing.”