Do I need my own instrument?

All students will need to practise between lessons and therefore, piano and flute students will need an instrument to practise on.


  • Piano: For the first few lessons, it is quite okay for students to not have an instrument at home, as mostly what is being taught during initial lessons are concepts: how fingers are numbered, seeing the pattern of two and three black keys, the concept of up and down on the piano, etc. These are easy concepts to understand, and can be reviewed during the week, away from an instrument. In the case of child students, parents often want to make sure that the child will really commit to learning and practising before they pay for an instrument. Instruments are an investment, and can be quite expensive. There are less expensive options also, however. Pianos can be rented, or a second-hand piano purchased. Keyboards are also perfectly fine to learn on, provided that they have the full range of 88 keys, and that the keys are weighted properly. Our expert teachers are happy to give advice on acquiring an appropriate instrument. 

  • Singing:  No worries - you carry your instrument with you everywhere you go! 😃

  • Flute:  Yes - you will need an instrument to play and practise on right from the start. Again, our teachers can give advice on where to source an instrument, should you need it.